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Woodstock HS Administration

Charley Ingham  -  Julie Crowe  -  John Hughes Adam Johnson  -  Wendy McDaniel  -  Meagan Waid

Mr. Charley Ingham, Principal 

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Carol Pontius - Administrative Assistant

On behalf of the entire Woodstock family, welcome to Woodstock High School! As a school with an amazing record of academic and instructional excellence, we are dedicated to helping our students chase their dreams and build empowering futures. With over 2,100 students and 240 faculty and staff, WHS offers a variety of academic programs and career-based opportunities as well as numerous sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities. At WHS, there is something for everyone! By holding to high expectations, innovating to meet the needs of our students, embracing the support of our families and community, we know anything can be accomplished. This is what makes us who we are. WE are Woodstock!                Charley Ingham    Principal - Woodstock High School

Ms. Julie Crowe, Assistant Principal


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Sandra Mascheri - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  Athletic Director  •  Fine Arts Department  •  Health/PE Department •  Athletic Social Media   •  Calendar (Athletics)   •  Duty Rosters  •  Eligibility  •  Emergency Drills & Crisis Manual  •  Facility Usage (Athletics)  •  Facility Inventory Oversight  •  ISS/ALT School  •  Physicals  •  SIP Management  •  Title Investigation  •   Transportation Contact (Athletic / Fieldtrips)  •  SIP Management  •  Title Investigation  •  Student Services Support Last Names  “Re  -  Z”


Mr. John Hughes, Assistant Principal


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Aurelia Epperson - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  Intervention Coordinator  •  Science Department  •  World Language Department  •  Attendance  •  CANVAS  •  504 Plans  •  RTI  •  C.A.R.E.S. Lead  •  ExP  •  SIP Management  •  TAA  •  Testing Coordinator  •  GAA Testing  •  Textbooks  •  Title Investigation  •  Student Services Support: all EL Students.


Ms. Wendy McDaniel, Assistant Principal


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Sandra Mascheri - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  Special Education  •  ESOL  •  IEP  •  Food Pantry  •  Clothing Closet  •  FTE  •  GAA  •  Paraprofessionals  •  SIP Management  •  Special Olympics  •  Parking (Faculty/Student)  •  Student Teachers  •  Title Investigation  •   Student Services Support Last Names  "A - Er"


Mr. Adam Johnson, Assistant Principal


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Carmen Rodriguez  - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  Career Tech (CTAE)  •  Math Department  •  STEM Department  •  C3 Communication  •  Partners in Education  •  SharePoint  •  Character Education Recognition •  Clubs  •  Lockers  •  Student Government  •  Substitutes  •  Transportation Contact (Student)  •  SIP Management  •  Title Investigation  •  Student Services Support Last Names “Es – L”


Dr. Meagan Waid, Assistant Principal


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Aurelia Epperson  - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  Curriculum  •  Language Arts Department  • Social Studies Department  •  Academic Letters/Honors & Awards Night •  Advanced Placement (AP)  •  Graduation Liaison  •  Master Schedule  •  Edgenuity  •  GAVS  •  Online Course Approval  •  MS to HS Transition  •  Student Services  •  SIP Management  •  Title Investigation  •  Student Services Support Last Names “M – Ra"