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Language Arts

Language Arts - Sawyer Henderson (Department Chair)

Beaton, Jodi Majors, Courtney
Britt, Joyce Marcusky, Johanna
Hands, Sydney Mock, Christopher
Henderson, Sawyer Pachman, Jordan
Higginbotham, Jacqueline  (ESOL) Ryberg, Sonja
Hodges, Garrett Sinclair, Grant
Hooks, Courteney Vance, Jacqueline
Horton, Jordan Wallace, Jared
Jackson, Megan  (ESOL)  

The Cherokee County School District’s English and Language Arts curriculum is based on the integration of teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Teaching concepts in literature as they relate to students’ lives and future career choices, teaching problem solving skills and instructing in the application of technology in the teaching of language arts is also stressed.

There is a required core curriculum of four English units for all students. Success in the English program will prepare students for a wide variety of career and life opportunities.

At Woodstock, most core courses are also offered at the honors and/or Advanced Placement levels for students who are willing to pursue the challenge of these rigorous courses.