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Graduation and Grade Level Information

Graduation Requirements:


Graduation Check Sheet for Required Classes-This worksheet is meant to be a guide for checking off classes that a student has completed and for seeing which classes still remain to be taken. 23 units are required for graduation. Units must be in specific categories as listed. 


WHS Hope & Rigor Courses-  A list of WHS Courses that Count Towards the HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship GPA  


Promotion Requirements

  • To be promoted to the 10th grade a student must have: 5 units (must include 1 unit English, 1 unit of science, and 1 unit math)
  • To be promoted to the 11th grade a student must have: 11 units (must include 2 units English, 1 unit of science, and 2 units math)
  • To be promoted to the 12th grade a student must have: 17 units (must include 3 units English, 2 units of science, 3 units of math, and 1 unit of social science)


Grade Level Information

Class of 2024

Senior Parent Night Presentation

Senior Parent Night Teams Recording

Senior Seminars

Brag Sheet for letters of recommendation 

Class of 2025

Junior Parent Night Presentation

Class of 2026

10th grade Parent Night Presentation


Class of 2027

9th grade parent night